They Can't Handle the Truth!

That's right; They Do Not Come In Peace is back from forced exile, and we are stronger than ever. Out last website, which I operated for over eight years, was recently shut down by an unknown agency and all the articles, podcasts, and other important material was purged and scattered to the ether.

So who shut us down? Well, I have a pretty good idea about that. Of course, what They want me to believe is that my server company closed down the old site because I was behind on the bill. But I can produce credit card receipts showing that I paid every single bill on time. Additionally, when I tried to contact customer service to dispute things or at least pay what I "owed," they wouldn't talk to me.

Kind of strange huh? But when you think about it, it all makes sense. My old server company is a huge multimillion-dollar corporation that for all intents and purposes acts as gatekeeper for the Internet. Thousands upon thousands of websites use their service to store information, and some of these websites, like mine, might offer up information the government doesn't want folks to know about. So here's what happens. The server company gets a call or an email, hell, maybe even a personal visit from the government watchdogs, who say, in no uncertain terms, that there is a little too much truth on the Internet. The server company wants to keep making millions of dollars off of hard-working Americans, so they shut down the offending website with some cock-and-bull story about a "severely delinquent" account.

This of course begs another question. Why would the government care about my little site with its ranting and raving about UFOs and fifty-year-old conspiracy theories about the Majestic 12 and Eisenhower's little pet project, Project Aquarius. I'm clearly just another nutcase, another loony screaming into the wind. Or am I? Maybe I got a little too close to the real truth, and maybe the ones who are really controlling things in are government got a little nervous. Remember, this a site where we deliver the truth They don't want you to know.

Well, it takes a lot more than shutting down a website to keep me quite. I'm not about to let them deprive the free people of this country of the vitally important information I have about what's really going on in this country. While I still draw breath, They Do Not Come In Peace will keep broadcasting its message.

I apologize if the site is a little sparse at the moment, but don't worry; I'll soon be filling it with revealing facts on all the terrible things our government has been up to. In fact, I'm kicking things off with a real doozy. Check out my first interview with the mysterious Running Man to see what I'm talking about. I think you'll clearly see why my first site was shut down…

Until next time, keep you're eyes and your mind open.


Privateer Press? More like Privateer Pawns!

An interesting and somewhat disturbing bit of news has reached me through my network of eyes and ears out there. My loyal listeners often send me tidbits of information from around the Internet that relate to the goals of They Do Not Come In Peace. Sometimes these news items appear completely innocent and don't seem to have any connection to the terrible things our government has been doing for the last fifty years or so. However, upon closer examination if you know what to look for the seemingly innocuous becomes unrepentently insidious.

Case in point. Privateer Press, a game company that produces a series of fantasy miniature games called Warmachine and Hordes, has recently announced the addition of a new board game to their growing line of products. Few details about this game, called Level 7, have been released the public, and as you can imagine, speculation abounds among Privateer Press' legion of loyal fans and customers.

Now, I know what you're thinking. How does a board game have anything to do with the UFO cover-ups and conspiracies perpetrated by the U.S. government? Well, usually nothing, but as I've learned, the forces aligned against us will use nearly any means at their disposal to misinform, obfuscate, and in general, conceal the truth.

So, what is Level 7 and why should you care about it?

An anonymous source recently told me that the world in which the Level 7 game is set deals with alien abduction and government collusion with extraterrestrial agencies with nefarious intentions towards the human race. Oddly enough, many of the details in the game frighteningly coincide with another recent development—a new source with intimate connections to secret government projects. (See my interviews with Running Man for more details on this.)

Additionally, the game references many real-world events that have become part of the extraterrestrial mythology in this country. For example, the Majestic 12 and Project Aquarius feature prominently in the game's setting, and as we well know, these events are only mythology to those who don't know what's really going on. So why would Privateer Press make a game like this? Well, it's all apart of the U.S. government's vast disinformation campaign, which is facilitated by nearly every corporation in the country, especially those with a large audience and some media presence. I think there is little doubt that Privateer Press has been compromised by a number of government agencies and is now in the business off selling lies to it's customers. The Level 7 game is a perfect example of this treachery—it's a fantastic way to hide the truth out in the open. It's only a game, right? So how could any of it be real? It's the same deal with shows like the X-Files, movies like Close Encounters, and so on. Wrapping the truth up in fiction is the perfect cover. When guys like me start getting at the real truth, it's easy to label us as some kind of nut whose taken his favorite movies, books, and TV shows a little too seriously.

So I'll be keeping an eye on Privateer Press and their new "game." I'll also be digging a bit further into their history, their employees, and their recent activities. My goal is to expose Privateer Press as the feeble government façade they are, and moreover, that there games are part of the vast conspiracy to conceal the frightening reality of the extraterrestrial threat from the American public. They may be able to pull the wool over the eyes of their customers, but to me, it is painfully obvious that Privateer Press is trying to hide the truth They don't want you to know.


Who Needs Evolution?

I hope all of you out there have had a chance to listen to my first interview with Running Man. What he has to say is certainly eye opening, and ties into a lot of the weird things our government has been up to for decades. One of the things Running Man said in our interview piqued my interest (and horror) and led me to do a little research. He mentioned that the government is involved with genetic research in this secret underground base, and while I certainly believe what Running Man says, I also know that the history of gene splicing and other terrible experimentats go back a long way.

A lot of the gene studies conducted by the government are supposedly research, especially in medicine and agriculture. They tell us the reason their manipulating nature is to find a cure for cancer or to create better kinds of wheat, but that's just a cover. In fact, I think they do just enough of this "beneficial" research to throw us off the real trail.

Here's another thing to consider that goes back to what Running Man was saying. Genetic research is really complicated stuff, and we've only been able to produce anything worthy in the last 30 years or so. All of a sudden. I think that's because we had help. I think the government gained advanced technology and scientific information about genetic engineering through their deals with extraterrestrials. Of course, they could use this knowledge for the benefit of all mankind, but we all know where they'll really use this kind of power.

So what is the government doing with this possibly alien technology? Well, just a bit of research turned up all kinds of disturbing things. Of course, the military applications of genetic engineering are huge. The idea of genetically altered super soldiers is not just science fiction these days, and not just the way you think. Sure, you can tamper with the natural evolution of humanity to create bigger, stronger, faster soldiers, but the more chilling research is actually in controlling the loyalty of a soldier through his own genes.

I found some interesting articles hidden around the Internet that suggest that DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is funding research to activate a "loyalty gene" in humans. This gene could be turned on and off with the right synthetic chemicals. And this goes way beyond the military. We all know that genetic engineering is playing a huge part in agriculture these days--everything we eat has been tampered with to some extent. So imagine if they could plant something into this genetically altered food that would "turn on" the loyalty gene in the people who eat it. The government could have an army of willing zombies virtually overnight!

Of course, I think this all ties back to government's link to extraterrestrial agencies interested in out species for some reason. Why would they give us this kind of technology unless they were getting something out of it. Maybe the type of genetic engineering they want the government to do is designed to turn us all into some kind of slave race for Them. We're all ready slaves to the government, and that's one master too many!

I know some of this might sound far-fetched, but that's just the thing, the truth often is much stranger than fiction. You have to watch everything. You have to listen. You have to see things with new eyes! Even the most innocent looking article on the Internet could be part of the government's huge disinformation campaign. Don't take anything at face value. If you look deeper, like I do, your bound to uncover the truth They don't want you to know.


Gone Baby Gone

I've uploaded my second interview with Running Man, and if you haven't listened to it yet, you really should—it's mind blowing. Some of things he says are so terrifying that everyone needs to know about them right away. Although our interviews certainly focus on his experiences in Subterra Bravo, he does touch on a number of other frightening conspiracies and secret government operations. The one I'd like to talk about know are abductions of U.S. citizens by covert military agencies.

As Running Man suggested, the government is abducting innocent civilians to serve as human guinea pigs for vile alien research. But how are they keeping so many missing persons a secret? Surely, someone would notice that all these people are disappearing. But maybe not. Our government is so adept at spreading lies and disinformation they can cover up virtually anything, but their cover-ups can take many different forms, some of which are very difficult to spot.

Here's what I'm talking about. We've all heard tales of alien abductions, right? Flashing lights in the sky, people being dragged aboard alien spacecraft to undergo mind probes and what not. Now, I may be a believer in the extraterrestrial visitation—I know for a fact that they're here and they do not have good intentions—but most of the alien abduction stuff is ridiculous. Why would the aliens make a Hollywood production out of abducting research animals? (That's all we are to them). The simple answer is they wouldn't. So where are all these alien abduction stories coming from?

Well, I think the people who say they have been abducted by aliens are telling the truth—as far as they know. What I think is actually happening is that these people are being abducted by our government, and the government is conducting some kind of mind control or memory implantation experiments on them. Why would they do this, you ask? For one, the government needs test subjects for the mind control experiments that began in the sixties with projects like MKULTRA and continue today. But there is another reason.

The government needs the American public to believe that anyone who says the words "alien abduction" is a conspiracy nut at best and outright crazy at worst. That's why they implant memories into the brains of the "abductees" of giant alien spaceships, flashing lights, and little green men. That's the kind of thing you see at the movies, right? Who would believe that was actually happening to anyone? It's just another example of the government hiding the truth right there in front of our faces.

So what about the real abductions? The kind that Running Man is talking about. How does the government cover those up? Well, it's all part of the same conspiracy. When those people disappear, they disappear quietly and for good. If the families and friends of these people start asking questions, all the government has to do is stage an "alien abduction." Anyone digging to deep suddenly believes he was abducted by aliens as was his missing friend or loved one—he immediately loses all credibility and the missing person case goes unsolved.

So if you are one of the may people that believes they were abducted by aliens, maybe you were or maybe you just stumbled too close to the truth They don't want you to know.


The Battle for our Brains

My last interview with Running Man ended pretty abruptly, but before he had to go, Running Man hinted at something I've been worried about for years. In short, every man, woman, and child in the United States should be worried that their thoughts, memories, even identities are not truly their own, and in fact have been completely fabricated by the government.

Yeah, I know, more paranoia from ol' Insider51, right? Never. Even cursory research will turn up a number of once-covert programs where the government was experimenting with mind control. For example, there was the CIA human-experimentation program MKULTRA. This one is public knowledge, and it was a decade-long, illegal experimental research program conducted on U.S. and Canadian citizens. A lot of it centered on experimentation with psychotropic drugs, stuff like LSD and mescaline.

Or how about Project Artichoke? Look that one up when you have a moment. That's another CIA program focused on interrogation methods. Here's a line taken directly from a CIA memo about this thing: "Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature, such as self-preservation?" How's that for horrifying?

So let's take the stuff we know about and add to it the information Running Man has given us. You see, the two projects I listed above are basically failures; that's why we know about them. But if the government now has access to alien technology, and if these aliens have developed powerful mental abilities, then the government is most certainly involved in continuing research in mind control.

But how would you know if you're under the influence of mind control? Well, there are number of symptoms that seem to point to government or even alien thought tampering. Here's the short list:

  • Hearing commands in your head
  • Hallucinations
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Strange pains in your body
  • Severe memory loss
  • Vivid dreams
  • Visual disturbances

Yeah, sure, these can be symptoms of other things, but if you have all of them, then you might be under the control of a nefarious government agency.

The next question we need to ask is how is the government inflicting this mind control on us? Well, there are a lot of theories about this. Some believe that our radios, TV, even our computers constantly transmit a low frequency pulse that targets certain parts of our brains. These pulses make us complacent and easy to manipulate. While, I believe there may be some truth to this, there doesn't seem to be enough evidence to support the theory.

I think the government is using the technology they've gained from the extraterrestrials in a more focused effort. I think they target specific individuals who might become dangerous to their operations. This can include political dissidents, human rights activists, and unfortunately, even people like me who are working hard reveal their dark secrets.

That's all I have on the subject at the moment. It's kind of creeping me out just writing about it. If you'd like to learn more, check out my last blog post about alien abduction, where I talk a bit more about government mind control.


A New Breed of Terror

I know a lot of you have been following my interviews with Running Man, and if you have any concern for the future of our nation and our species, you're probably going out of your mind with terror and disbelief. I wish I could say it gets better and that all those frightening things Running Man has been saying are just the ramblings of a disturbed mind, but I can't, and I won't. To do that would be a disservice to my listeners and the unsuspecting populace of the United States.

It's hard to pick out just one thing from Running Man's story to talk about, but there is something that sticks with me, something that, to me, is even more horrible than the government's involvement with a nefarious alien species. Running Man mentioned that the aliens are experimenting on pregnant women, and although that seems like something out of a bad sci-fi movie, it makes a weird kind of sense.

Running Man already said the aliens are mixing human and alien DNA to create some kind of hybrid. But for what purpose? Well, I have a theory. The best way to infiltrate a society is to look and act like a member of that society. So, if the aliens are experimenting on pregnant women, perhaps they're trying to breed some kind of hybrid that can easily pass for human. Such a creature, with its inherited mental powers and god-know-what-else, could be used by the government for all kinds of covert operations. Assassins, spies, even super soldiers, the possibilities are endless and terrifying.

But you know what, I think the government is in over its head here. Sure, the aliens might be working with them now to produce hybrids that can be used by the military or whatever, but I think they've been quietly breeding themselves into our population for years.

A little research turned up a number of articles on something called "starseeds." Apparently, these starseeds are humans with alien DNA that look and act just like human beings. What's really strange is that a lot of starseeds make no bones about letting people know they are aliens. Why, you ask? Simple. It's hiding the truth in the open again. I mean, come on, if someone tells you he has alien DNA and comes from another planet, you're going to think he's out of his mind. So nobody listens to these starseeds, allowing them to quietly go about their work of infiltration, deception, and intelligence gathering.

Even though some of these alien-human hybrids make a big deal about who and what they are, this is probably a smoke screen to hide those hybrids doing the real dirty work. So how do you spot these covert starseeds? Well, further research on the subject has revealed that a certain very rare blood type is connected with alien DNA. People with the blood type RH-negative seem to have higher IQs and may have a talent for psychic abilities. Doesn't that sound familiar? So RH-negative blood = starseed/infiltrator/alien spy.

I know it's frightening to think the aliens walk among us disguised as human beings, but forewarned is forearmed. I like to think I have alerted some of you to the very real danger of the starseeds and the alien infiltrators, and I hope you will do what you can to expose these monsters. So stay vigilant, keep reading and listening, and keep trying to uncover the truth They don't want you to know.


Running Out of Time

Monday July 14 2014 - It's too dangerous to get on the air so it'll have to be through this website that I continue to expose the terrible truth of what's been going on in our government. I know they're listening, and I know they'll find me if I don't keep a low profile, but that won't stop me. This is too important. They can't trace the website back to me. I've made sure of it.

I hope you heard my last broadcast. I hope you heard what happened to my contact Running Man. He and I were about to blow the lid off this conspiracy and let the American people know just how low our government has sunk. They've been working with a terrible alien race beneath the deserts of New Mexico, they've been joining these ghoulish invaders in horrible experiments on American citizens, and they've been ruthless about tracking down and eliminating anyone who can reveal their secrets. That's what happened to Running Man, and that's what could happen to me unless I'm very, very careful.

I want to take a moment to honor Running Man, to recognize his bravery and patriotism. This is a true American hero. This was a man with the moral code to realize when he saw something horribly wrong and the courage to speak up about it, to try to stop it, even though it cost him everything. Once he got out of there, he could have just walked away, but he didn't. He came to me, so he could tell his story. We need to listen. He was just a young man trying to serve his country, and they betrayed him, hunted him down. I doubt he's still alive, but if he is: Running Man, our prayers are with you, wherever you are. Thank you for your courage and your service.

Despite losing Running Man, I haven't given up on trying out find out all I can about the secret government installation called Subterra Bravo. It's up to us to make sure his sacrifice was not in vain. I've been monitoring the area around the mesa that Running Man said housed the terrifying collection of laboratories and research facilities. Of course, I can only get so close without getting caught, but the government and their pet aliens have been sloppy. Running Man isn't the only one to make it out of Subterra Bravo with a head full of nightmares and a willingness—no, the patriotic responsibility—to share what he knows.

Running Man told us about innocent American citizens abducted by the government so their alien allies could experiment on them. He also said that sometimes these human lab rats escaped, and while most were recaptured, a few managed to elude the soldiers and the dogs and God-knows-what-else and make it to safety. One of these brave individuals has come forward and contacted me. For his safety I must keep his identity a secret, so we'll just call him Houdini.

Houdini escaped a few months ago, with the help of one of the guards in the facility. I think that guard can only be Running Man—one last act of kindness before he too was forced to flee for his life. Houdini's story is similar to Running Man's, and he was on his way to the lower levels of Subterra Bravo, to the dreaded Level 7, before Running Man intervened. Still, he says he saw one of the actual aliens, not one of the clones that Running Man described. According to Houdini, this alien was very tall, with gray skin and huge eyes, and just being around it hurt your mind—almost like the alien could reach inside your head just by looking at you. Who knows what would have happened to Houdini if Running Man hadn't helped him. Houdini says there are other escapees, and he's met some of them. They all have similar stories. Houdini thinks he was able to escape because things are going bad between the government and the aliens. Once, while he was still a prisoner, he saw the big, gray alien arguing with a man in uniform, someone important.

What Houdini says makes a lot of sense. How long can you contain such evil creatures? You can't make a deal with the devil and not expect it to go bad. I've seen an increase in military personnel in the area, in the small town near the mesa. I can't say for sure, and I have no evidence at the moment, but I think something big is about to happen, something big and very, very bad.


Person of Interest

Monday July 21 2014 - I've got to spread the word. My own site is no longer sufficient to get the truth out there. I've infiltrated a number of websites where I'm sure to get the exposure I need. Hell, I even hacked that game company Privateer Press, who I think are complicit (maybe unwittingly) in the things that have been going on.

So why am I boosting the signal? Because this will be my last update for I don't know how long. It's time for me to run, to hide, to lay low until the truth comes out and I am vindicated for my actions. I know I often make it sound like things are really desperate and my life and freedom are in danger. Maybe I'm a little paranoid. This time, though, there's no question. They are after me. They are coming. I am a person of interest.

How do I know all that? I saw something I wasn't supposed to see, something they don't want anyone to see. With the information I had from Running Man and Houdini, I did something I probably shouldn't have—I went to the mesa. Archuleta Mesa, near the town of Dulce, New Mexico, is where I have long thought Subterra Bravo is located. Turns out I was right.

I set up camp a few miles from the mesa and started taking picture with my telephoto lens. I couldn't see much at first, just a few old buildings on top of the mesa, like an old forestry station or something. There wasn't anything different about the mesa itself, except for what looked like small caves or tunnels carved into its side in various locations.

I watched the mesa for two days before anything happened, and then it happened all at once. The first thing I saw was a trio of black helicopters coming in from the west, silent as death. They were obviously military, bristling with guns and rockets. They landed on top of the mesa, and from what I could see through my telephoto lens, soldiers in strange black environmental suits and helmets came out of them. They didn't look like standard military, that's for damn sure. As soon as the guys in black got off the choppers, the gunships took off. Then the soldiers disappeared into one of the buildings.

I watched for another couple of hours and nothing happened, but I could feel something in the air, a sense of urgency, a sense of impending danger. Then it happened. Something big and round came flying out of the top of the mesa. It was about the size of small bus and made this high-pitched whining noise as it rose into the air much faster than any plane I've ever seen, so fast it looked blurry. I snapped a few pictures of it as it took off, but I didn't get a chance to take more because then things went crazy.

I heard an ear-shattering boom followed by dozens of smaller thuds. Those holes I saw earlier in the side of the mesa were obviously exhaust vents or something, because after the explosions, geysers of dust came pouring out of them. The top of the mesa seemed to heave up into the air, then the buildings on top of it disappeared in another massive plume of dust and dirt.

The dust settled and then everything got really quiet. I knew I had seen something terrible, something I wasn't supposed to see. So I got the hell out of there and fast. The pictures I'd taken alone were enough to ensure I'd never see anything else but the inside of a prison cell for the rest of my life if I got caught.

So its bye-bye time. I need to get far away, somewhere they won't come after me, or at least have trouble finding me. They'll try to keep a lid on this, and I imagine they're going to be pretty pissed off at anyone with information that could make that harder for them.

Goodbye for now. I hope we'll get to talk again at some point. Until then, keep looking for the truth they don't want you to know.


Back in the Saddle

Monday August 4 2019 - And, I'm back. It's been a long time I know -- five years. I didn't have a choice, though. They were on to me, they were closing in, and I had to run and run far. I ended up in a place that's both warm and very far south. I can't say exactly where, because there's still danger, even if it's only spite on the government's part at this point.

You're probably wondering why I'm using this janky old website, right? I mean, it's 2019, who goes to websites anymore? The SegNet (inspired by alien technology, without doubt) is faster, reaches more people, and can be broadcast right through the neuroglasses everyone seems to be wearing these days. And that's just it, I don't want to reach "everyone." I want to reach those who are still interested in the truth, lurking in the shadowy corners of the nearly defunct internet. These are my people, the people who are ready for the Truth. Also, the government probably isn't monitoring the internet like it used to.

The cat is out of the bag. The existence of extraterrestrials and the government's collusion with them is no longer conjecture, the domain of "crazy" conspiracy theorists. It's cold, hard right-there-on-the-freaking-news fact. I'd say "I told you so," but I don't need to. You already knew I was right. It was just a matter of time before the whole thing blew up in their greedy, warmongering faces.

That's right, I think the U.S. government and the aliens had a falling out — maybe someone grew a conscience and stopped providing the visitors American citizens to experiment on. More likely, they got in bed with the devil, and finally found a pitchfork in their collective asses. See, what I've found out while I've been underground is that Subterra Bravo wasn't the only hidden government facility. There were others, and you only have to look for certain clues to figure out how to find them. I'm talking about areas that seem to have a lot of missing persons, the kind where people just up and disappear. I think some of these places were sites of other facilities like Subterra Bravo; in fact, there's one I'm sure of. In 2010 an amateur photographer snapped some photos of a glacier north of Nome Alaska on fire. For the uninformed, Nome has—or had—a long history of people disappearing. Why? Because the government had a secret alien facility carved right into the freaking ice. Things went bad there, and the government was able to contain it, unlike what happened at Subterra Bravo. The man who took the photos posted them online, and then disappeared. Coincidence? I think not.

So, why am I telling you all this? As I said, the cat is out of the bag. Humanity knows for certain we're not alone, and the aliens are here among us, and from what I've heard they're trading tech with small governments and even terrorist cells, though for what I don't know. In fact, the tin-pot dictatorship in the South American country I'm hiding in is rumored to be working with one of these aliens. I say rumored but the puzzle pieces fit. I've moved closer to where this facility is supposed to be in the southern Andes, and guess what, the villages in the area are experiencing all kinds of mysterious disappearances. Funny, huh?

Here's what I think. The aliens, the Ghin, are selling tech to whoever's buying, probably in exchange for human test subjects. But here's the thing. We as a race — humanity, I mean — are divided, fighting one another without a unified purpose. The Ghin are a different story, I think. I don't know how many of these bastards there are on the Earth, but I think they're all working toward some goal, a goal humans with our petty greed and perpetual wars, are helping them complete. I think you can be fairly certain that whatever the Ghin are working toward isn't in our best interests. They're using us, and our leaders are too damn stupid to see it.

We're in deep trouble here, folks, and I think things are going to get a hell of a lot worse.


The End is Nigh

Monday September 15 2019 - My apologies once again for the long delay between my last broadcast and this one. Things have been more than a little insane and a lot dangerous. The government hasn't caught up to me yet, and I think I might be in the clear for a while. If what I've recently seen is any indication, the government—hell, every government—has much bigger fish to fry.

I know most of you are aware of the alien attack at the ruins of Subterra Bravo and the destruction of the nearby town of Dulce, New Mexico. Scary stuff, right? You have no idea.

The newscasts are telling you it was the Ghin, our former alien allies, that attacked us. That's bad enough, and that's what they want you to believe. It's easier to do damage control against a known enemy.

But, folks, I was there. I was in Dulce when it all went down, and I can tell you the things that destroyed that town were definitely not a known enemy.

A little back-story is in order, I suppose. Obviously, I returned to the States. The trail had gone cold in South America, so I came back to the one place where I knew the aliens had been. I went to Dulce, and then I went out into the desert, close to the ruins of Subterra Bravo. I set up my camera, just like I did last time, and waited.

I was out there for a long time, and then, on February 6th, my waiting paid off. Something came out of the sky. It was blurry and indistinct, but I saw the heat it was throwing off, and when whatever it was landed on top of the mesa it seemed to burn right into the ground. Figures appeared out of the blurry shape, obviously an alien craft. Even from a distance, I could tell the figures weren't human. They were huge, wearing what that looked like some kind of orange-red armored suits.

I took pictures, and then I saw some of the aliens leave the mesa and head toward Dulce. On the way, they ran into a police patrol truck, and then . . . well, it's awful. I saw bright spots of fire erupt from the aliens and then hit the vehicle—their beam weapons or maybe plasma. The car burst into flames and whoever was inside could not have survived.

Then the aliens attacked Dulce.

The destruction was in full swing by the time I got there. I managed to get on the roof of the Crazy Horse Casino and see some of what happened. These new aliens—they were definitely not Ghin—were fighting with soldiers and military planes overhead. There were only three of these metal-clad creatures, but they were handing our military their collective asses. Their plasma guns could punch through just about anything: planes, artillery pieces, and most certainly people. The creatures were huge and immensely strong—I saw one flip over a car with one hand!—and they moved like soldiers.

It got to be too much after a while, and I knew it was just a matter of time before I was seen, either by them or by our military— both would result in an untimely end for ol' Insider51. So I got out of there. Luckily, the aliens were preoccupied, and I was able to get out of town. It was a good thing I did. Not minutes later, as I was speeding away from Dulce, the entire sky lit up, and I heard and saw a massive explosion behind me. Apparently the government had chosen to simply give up Dulce as a loss and bomb the hell out of the aliens. I don't know if it worked. I just wanted to get away, and somehow I did.

I'm distributing the pictures I took of these aliens, and they're everywhere now. The government won't be able to hide the truth for long. But what does it all mean? Who are these aliens and what do they want? I got at least part of an answer from an old friend a few days ago. He sent me just three words, and they are maybe the most terrifying words I've ever read.


—Running Man